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Our Facilities

Where do I enter?
  • Doors on the North or West side. The North side entrance is wheelchair accessible.
    The elevator is located on your left as you enter from the North.


Where do I go for a worship service?
  • The services are held in the sanctuary which is located directly across from the West entrance.
    From the North entrance it is up the stairs and toward the left side.

  • The nursery is down stairs on the south side of the building. If entering from the North side, a staircase is located on the right. Take those stairs down and proceed slightly left and then to the far side of the basement.

  • Bathrooms are located both on the main floor and basement levels. Bathrooms on the main floor are wheelchair accessible.

Where is Parent's Night Out held?
  • PNO is held in the basement of the church. Enter through the west doors to fill out the form. You will pick up your child at the same place.

Where do Cadets and the Youth Group meet?
  • The youth building is a separate building just North and East of the main church building. It is on the East side of the parking lot.

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